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I sat here desperately waiting for some variation in the animation... The music was O.K. The music's not what I'm rating though. If you added a few different backgrounds and had a little more happening with the animation, I feel like this would be passable.

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I loved it. I loved the humor used in it. I loved the general concept of it. I loved the fact that it was a parody on modern day infomercials. (No matter how ridiculous what they are advertising is everyone always has something good to say about it, and if you watch it long enough you will inevitably think "hey, I could use one of those too!"). But I digress. I thought the graphics style was fitting for the flash and the audio sounded well done. I am adding you to my favorite authors list and am hoping to see great things.

My Vote = 4

Markface responds:

Thank you not only for the score but telling me WHAT you liked about it. Reviews like these help me improve my work.



I love the animation style you used in this flash and the music was very fitting for the movie. I also like to vote high on movies that make good use of symbolism because symbolism is awesome. I'm guessing that Cupid losing represents the eventual downfall of mankind through increasing levels of hate in our society?

-My Vote = 5

notorious responds:

Hooray for symbolism! Yeah, you pretty much nailed it :P Thanks for the good review!

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One problem

You have your air friction backwards. More air friction should make it bounce less, not more. And also your physics engine works like it should at default setting but it gets ridiculously bouncy way too fast at even slight adjustments.

blasterbones responds:

yeah, i noticed that. i didn't really feel like fixing it at the time though :D


It was a little to simple to be useful and a big problem i saw is that alot of the time th enames in the funny section didn't match up at all.

Pretty Good, but annoying

It is a good game, but the only problem is you just might drive yourself insane trying to beat it even though it only has three levels. Oh well, cool game anyways.

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